luigi nono:the real is something that breaks the rules

Io, frammento dal Prometeo is the first of three works by the composer Luigi Nono based on Prometheus, the Titan who, according to Greek mythology, stole fire from the gods to give it to mankind, a deed for which he was condemned to eternal punishment. This evening, the Norwegian Soloist Choir and Alvise Vidolin (live electronics) will perform the work at Trefoldighetskirken (read more here) . 

Vidolin will share his extensive experience as a sound engineer, researcher and electronics performer on our debate about the ideal creative environment on Monday 9th. More here

There are  few interviews by Nono available in English. Nonetheless, we publish here some interesting excerpts from lectures and interviews:  In the first ,  Nono discusses the transgressive possibilities within artistic creation. In the second one, he talks about perceiving sound and describes his mode of listening.