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innovative sound practices: peter weibel/notations

  • Ny Musikk Platousgate 19 Oslo Norway (map)

Sound as a medium of art – A lecture by Peter Weibel

The emancipation of sound through electronic means, objects and graphical notation stimulated artists from other fields to employ sound as a medium of art, thereby leading to an all-inclusive musical practice. In this lecture, media theoretician Peter Weibel examines innovative practices in the field of sound.

Borealis notations 2013 – Exhibition and discussion

Borealis Festival director Alwynne Pritchard presents a review of the interdisciplinary Borealis Notations Project, in which musicians, architects and visual artists addressed the question of extended musical notation and its interpretation. A selection of the work that resulted from this project will also be exhibition.


Presented in collaboration with nyMusikk.