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synæsthetic illusions - christian blom´s kinetic sculptures

  • Norges Musikkhøgskole Slemdalsveien 11 Oslo Norway (map)

Norwegian artist Christian Blom presents two new installations for Ultima 2013, Iceroses and Trio for dancing thread, lightbulb and bell with damper. He will also be presenting his work al Khowarizmis Mechanical Orchestra. According to New Scientist magazine,“Norwegian artist Christian Blom’s al Khowarzimi’s Mechanical Orchestra is a feat of electrical engineering”. Made of delicately handcrafted structures that conceal a subtle use of digital technology, Blom´s kinectic sculptures combine sound, light and movement in a synæsthetic synthesis.


Christian Blom (1974) is a composer living and working in Norway. Approaching music as not necessarily exclusive to sound, but rather as events organized in time, Bloms brand of musical composition is enriched to also involve light, shadowplay and movement. As a consequence he works with musical composition, kinetic sculpture and performance art – an expansion of musical composition to include compositional strategies for transmedial structures. His broad scope stems from collaborative work with such names as dancer and coreographer Alan Lucien Øyen, videoartist Ellen Røed and as a member of the artistcollective Verdensteatret. In these constellations as well as in his own projects, a goal has always been to allow for the media and techniques to blend, to affect each others expressive and structural qualities to a point where they seem inseparable. Blom is currently holding a research fellowship at the Norwegian Academy of Music. For more information on Blom, please visit