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a short history of biology

  • Kulturhuset Youngstorget 3 Oslo, Oslo, 0181 Norway (map)

This lecture by Anders Kristian Krabberød presents a selection of the main events in the history of biology, and traces how historical events, technological innovations and advances in other scientific disciplines have shaped the evolution of the study of life.

The history of biology stretches back to ancient Egyptian medicine and to the works of Greek philosophers such as Anaximander and Thales of Miletus. These early attempts at understanding nature were driven by the belief that knowledge about plants and animals could increase chances of survival. During the Renaissance, biology became a scientific discipline. With evolution theory and the genetic revolution, biologists have been able to glimpse for the first time how life has evolved from single cells to the enormous diversity we see today.

Anders K. Krabberød is a PhD student in biology at the University of Oslo. He is working on the evolution and genetics of radiolarians, or single-celled marine organisms with an intricate and beautiful skeleton. He also has a degree in philosophy and a special interest in the history of science. He has been teaching the history of biology as part of an introductory course for MA students at the department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo since 2010. He also plays bass in the avant-progressive rock band Panzerpappa.